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            After years of accumulation,thread has become the leading supplier of car bus data application solutions in China,and providing technical support for many automobile brands and enhancing the driving experience.

            We manufacture every product ingeniously。

            The better you become, the better you will attract.

            We have different understandings for different industries.

            Make us one part of your business model

            Sharing Car

            Thread Technology is a “tailor-made” time-sharing solution for the new energy electric vehicle time-sharing industry.It is determined to provide more efficient and convenient time-sharing services for corporate customers and time-sharing leasing industries. Our time-sharing platform enhances the user experience and makes it easier and convenient for users to pick up and return cars. Let enterprises more efficient and efficient vehicle management, site management, charging pile management, and dispatcher management. Reduce the risk management of the vehicle to the vehicle while reducing operating costs.

            Connected Car

            Our pursuit of excellence in user experience and differentiation has enabled the car to continue to improve.How to let the car that has no feelings via the creative idea, so that the user feels the caring and enthusiasm brought by the car enterprise for the user experience ? We have been working hard to explore, think deeply and make them more intimate.

            Driver Test and Training

            In road test,intelligent system instead of manual examination and verification does the eletronic approval,simulated nocturnal lighting instead of nocturnal lighting,driving license test under the background which adopts mandatory requirements such as punching timing,thread increases solution for driving license test and driving trainning,in order that cultivates the satisfaction of the students, improves the profitability of the driving school,itt realizes the full coverage of the driving and training fields, accurate data and simple application.

            Urban Intelligence

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